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Ta Da/To Do Thursday

For this week my three tasks were –

1.  Declutter at least 1 item – tossed some broken decorations

2.  Exercise for 15 minutes – finally accomplished this one!!

3.  Get our personal tax information ready for the accountant – didn’t get done. I was getting ready to do it when my neighbor stopped by with some bad news. For the third time, my car was hit by a hit and run driver so I spent the afternoon making phone calls.

I’ve had 3 cars totaled in the last  8+  years. I had one accident due to distracted driving and the other 2 were hit and runs. I live on a one way street and there is plenty of room on the street. In fact there is usually no one parked on the other side of the street. It amazes me that no one ever stops to give you their information.

Just heard from my insurer – looks like it will be 4 cars totaled  – ugh! I do not want to go car shopping again.  Maybe it is time to be a one car family. Oh well, on to next week’s goals. I will repeat the goals I had for this week and try for 2 weeks in a row for exercise.

Hope your day is going better than mine.

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