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Fitness Friday

I do not know why I keep sabotaging myself. I’m trying to lose weight but I eat a pint of ice cream  or a package of frozen cookie dough in a day. I know that I shouldn’t but I do it anyway. What is up with that??

I’ve been trying to work with DD about some bad habits she has developed. I told her everytime she takes food into her room and eats it she is making a choice that she knows is wrong. Then it occurs to me that I am doing the very same thing.

Everytime I choose to eat something that is not good for me, I am choosing to gain more weight.  Everytime I choose to read another blog, surf the weird news or play a game; I am choosing not to exercise and tone my body.

I really need to start asking myself  “Do I really want to eat ______or do I want to lose weight?” before I put something in my mouth. I need to choose to limit my computer time and do more active things. Nothing will change unless I do.

It is time for me to make some moves in the right direction for a change. Hope you are making good choices in your daily activities.

Have a great weekend.

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  1. I totally hear ya on the self sabotage, I’m good for a doughnut bender or eating four more slices of pizza than I should on any given occasion. I guess what gets me through is just thinking about the fact that junk food will always be there – so if I leave it alone until I really truly feel deserving of it (special occasions, meeting all my goals for a week, whatever) it will always be there waiting for me. And even then, it doesn’t hold the same grip on me it did before. Best wishes to you! The road ahead is rough, but do worthwhile!

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