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Fitness Friday

Here is the January update – no progress in losing inches or pounds. Considering that I did no exercising, I guess I should be happy that I al least didn’t gain anything. 

Total steps – 286, 648 or an average of  9246/day. Not where I wanted to be but it’s a start. Hopefully the sickness bug is done with my family and I can get back out to walking everyday.

 I’m going to try to get to 319,000 steps this month. That would be an average of 11,000/day. Will need to pick up the pace a bit but I think I can do it.

As of 2/9/12 I have logged 386,528 steps with 4,613, 472 to go to hit my target.

Hope you are doing better with your fitness goals than I am. Maybe this will be the week when I start to turn things around. I’ll let you know next Friday.

Have a wonderful weekend.


Ta Da/ To Do Thursday

The three tasks for last week were as follows:

1. Declutter at least one item – Put some magazines in the box for Half-price Books

2. Exercise 15 minutes – Still haven’t managed to fit this in

3. Be in bed by 10 pm every night – Made it 5 nights out of 7

Why am I struggling so much with this exercise thing?? There are 10,080 minutes in a week – surely I have the time to exercise for a measly 15 minutes. I need to develop my self-discipline/willpower muscle and get this started.

Tasks for next week –

1.  Declutter at least one item

2.  Exercise for 15 minutes

3.  Be in bed by 10 pm

Hope you are having better luck with your tasks. I missed Fitness Friday last week but I’ll be back to update my progress tomorrow. Have a great day

Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts in my head this week –

It was nice to get together with friends last week. I wish I could do it more but everyone is always so busy.

Still debating the hair thing. Don’t know what I am going to do.

Was beautiful here and we did some garden clean up tasks. DH pruned the fruit trees and DS helped me toss them over the hillside.

Why can’t they come up with something organic that will kill the weeds forever??

My bulbs are coming up – I transplanted some of them and bought some new daffodil bulbs. Can’t wait to see how they turn out.

Gave blood today – almost didn’t because the iron in one finger was too low but when they did the second finger I was okay. Weird how that works.

Got my ears repierced on Saturday. DD had been wanting hers done so we went together. So far no problems . Just need to keep on cleaning them and turning them. Will be nice to wear earrings again.

Need to get a few things done around here before I pick up the kids for karate.

Be back on Thursday with an update on this week’s tasks – hmm – does gardening count as exercise?

Ta Da/To Do Thursday

My three tasks for this week were

1. Declutter at least one item –tossed a broken pair of nail clippers in the trash

2. Work for one hour on my workspace – nothing done here

3. Exercise for 15 minutes –still have not managed this, I really do need to fit this in somewhere

Overall, not a good week. I will need to try harder this week – less reading and computer time and more work time.

Goals for next week will be

1. Declutter at least one item

2. Exercise 15 minutes

3. Be in bed by 10 pm every night

How are you doing with your goals? Hope you are having success. I’d love to hear how you are doing.

Be back tomorow with the fitness update.

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