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Tidbit Tuesday

Here are the random thoughts floating around in my head today…

I decided to try out DH’s new toy – a battery tester. Discovered that all the pedometers needed to have new batteries. Got some for my first pedometer and went out for my walk. Still not tracking my steps correctly! So very frustrating.

I did get my hair cut but I’m not real happy with it. We talked about how I was coloring it and letting it grow long to keep my family happy. She thought the color and the length were okay but that it needed to be layered some to get rid of the bulkiness. I wish she had cut more off  the top layer, it is still at the awkward stage where it doesn’t do what I want it to do. I suppose I could have asked her to do it but by that time I just wanted to go home and have a good cry.

I always take a book with me in case I have to wait and I had the book  One Perfect Word by Debbie Macomber with me. The book tells how the author picks one word each year to study and focus on. The stylist commented on the book and soon we were talking about some of the words that the author had chosen. The stylist said that she had just done her first “dream board” and was finding things she had chosen to put on it coming true. That lead into a discussion about what my word/vision for me was. Well I didn’t really have one and that coupled with the whole discusssion about my hair made me very emotional.

I do feel like I have lost part of myself these past few years. I used to say I’d get back to doing things for me and my enjoyment when DS went to school. Well, he’s in second grade and I’m still just passing the days away.  I did come up with my six goals to reach by the time I’m sixty but they haven’t really given me the push to change  my daily routine.  I’m not sure what I really want but I do know it isn’t what I’ve got now.

Enough of this – I need to get moving. The laundry is calling. I’ll be back on Thursday.

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  1. Dinesh Kumar said:

    I am planning to buy a pedometer http://www.prajwalhealthcare.com/digital-pedometer-hj-203.html. Let me know if is it good one, based on your experience.

    • I am not familiar with this particular pedometer. It seems to have some nice features. I tend to wear my pedometer from the time I wake up until I go to sleep, which would wear out the battery much faster than they say it would. I have a very basic pedometer that just measures my step count and my distance. It is all I really need at this time.

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