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Ta Da/ To Do Thursday

The three tasks for last week were as follows:

1. Declutter at least one item – Put some magazines in the box for Half-price Books

2. Exercise 15 minutes – Still haven’t managed to fit this in

3. Be in bed by 10 pm every night – Made it 5 nights out of 7

Why am I struggling so much with this exercise thing?? There are 10,080 minutes in a week – surely I have the time to exercise for a measly 15 minutes. I need to develop my self-discipline/willpower muscle and get this started.

Tasks for next week –

1.  Declutter at least one item

2.  Exercise for 15 minutes

3.  Be in bed by 10 pm

Hope you are having better luck with your tasks. I missed Fitness Friday last week but I’ll be back to update my progress tomorrow. Have a great day

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  1. I rather liked reading through Ta Da/ To Do Thursday 6bysixty's Blog and perma-linked the url so I could pay a visit to it once again later. Great ideas and many of the tips you raise have greatly helped. Cheers.

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