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Friday Fitness

Extremely depressing evaluation at the fitnesss training session. I’ve gained weight and inches! I have a bodyfat percentage of 31. That is way too high. I definitely need to get serious. This is not healthy.

The workout was intense. My legs were  quivering at the end. I thought it would be my arms that would be sore but they did okay. We worked with free weights, machines, medicine balls and exercise balls.

We talked a little bit about nutrition and will be getting a diet plan to follow next week. The sample plan doesn’t look very good. No ice cream or chocolate! How will I survive without my sugar??

There are 2 other women – one who has been going to the gym for awhile and one who did this fitness session once before. Lisa. our trainer, is very good about individualizing the exercises for our different abilities.

Hopefully I’ll be less sore next week and see some progress on the scale.

Comments on: "Friday Fitness" (1)

  1. Yikes! That was quite some workout. Excuse the ignorance, but what should the ideal body-fat % be?

    Could you see whether this fitness session had benefited the one woman who had been previously? Did she talk about her experience at all?

    Hope you’re not too sore, but what a multi-faceted workout you had – sounds great. And nice that it’s such a small group.

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