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Tuesday Tidbits

Another random stream of information –

Spent a few hours in the garden this weekend. Dug up and replanted some bulbs, cut down some of the dead raspberries, put down some sawdust and newspaper, harvested more tomatoes and pulled out some dead sunflowers. Still more to do but it was a good start.

Starting to get the investment quarterly statements. Really do need to see how things are going. So far it is not too good, the funds have lost money and the totals are down.

Had a long talk with DD. I’m so glad I am past the teen years. I would hate to have to go through them again, especially now when things seem so much harder to deal with.

Have been doing some reading and need to get my reading page started. Also need to update the clutter page.

 There is so much to do, I’m having trouble prioritizing. I should just start somewhere and get things moving. Instead I’m spending too much time trying to figure out what is most important to do and nothing is getting done.  I’m just going to close my eyes, point at my list and do whatever it is for at least 10 minutes. Hopefully that will get me started. 

See you Friday

Comments on: "Tuesday Tidbits" (2)

  1. I like your idea of just pointing at your to-do list with closed eyes, and then tackling whatever cames up for 10 minutes!

    Do not despair: I too am guilty of spending too much time mulling over what needs to get done, but never actually acting on it!

    The investment quarterlies are worrying, I agree. We never seem to make headway, is how I feel.

    Hoping for more good Friday news. I have followed dh’s suggestion and my new (working?!?!?) scale is now in the basement!

  2. i like making lists and then crossing things off. I try to balance. quick win. longer one. quick one. longer one.

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