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Fitness Friday

I was glad to see the scale did not go up this week. It didn’t go down either but I wasn’t expecting it to since I didn’t get out to walk again this week. I still can’t seem to commit to doing what needs to be done.

I did get something that may help – DH went out and got me a bike so we can do family bike rides. It still needs a bit of work but it looks like I’ll be riding soon.  Wish DH would move that quickly on some of the other stuff that needs done.

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  1. Went bike riding in Toronto and loved it, so we decided we’d go riding around here on our return, too. But I still need a bike, and DD’s bike still needs to be repaired … from l-a-s-t year. So I have no idea when we’ll ever really be ready to ride. Hope you get yours sorted out soon!

    • Went for our first family bike ride yesterday. Was not a big success. Dh’s bike got a flat tire, which he repaired several times but still needs something done with it. Ds’s bike is too small, he was pedaling like mad to keep up. He is such a trouper. DD was miserable as usual. My bike rode okay but I need to get comfortable with distances and stopping – bumped into DH and DD. We’ll be trying again soon I suppose.

      • Did I tell you that, while trying to avoid a pedestrian who suddenly appeared in front of me on the bike trail in Toronto, I fell off. Ouch! DH and DD completely oblivious to my plight as they were way ahead of me! My ego was hurt more than I was!

        Still haven’t gotten DD’s bike repaired. Had to smile at your comment that your DD “was miserable a usual” – that sounds like mine!

      • Haven’t been biking since then. If the weather is okay, we will bike down to the baseball game and back on Sunday. Should be interesting. Just 2 more weeks until school starts. Can’t wait!!

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