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Fitness Friday

No movement on the scale this week. Didn’t do as well with my walking – only averaged 10186 steps/day last week. The weather has been awful – can’t wait for Spring.

Started doing a yoga tape that focuses on the ab area. Hopefully it will help. My tummy is definitely my worst spot and I really want to see some improvement there.

Thank you to my readers who comment and provide encouragement. It is nice to know there is someone rooting for me. See you next week

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  1. Don’t despair – it really has been a gloomy, overcast week here. Hoping for sunshine next week – it always makes one feel more motivated. I do think you’re doing very well with your walking, though – I mean, over 10K steps a day is GREAT.

    BTW – do you take a Vit D supplement? Hubby had his Vit D levels checked (not planned; happened inadvertently). His levels were way below the normal range, so was advised to take supplements. Maybe we should, too?? I think I might take 1000mg/day. Went for gyn appt yesterday, and she also said I should take that amount a day. Just a thought …

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