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11 down, 1489 to go

There was a sale at one of the local libraries this weekend. I got the complete set of Harry Potter in hardback for $7 and a set of Beatrix Potter books for $7. I’m going to give the Beatrix Potter books to my son’s classroom. The teacher asks  parents buy a book for the classroom to celebrate a birthday instead of sending in a treat to eat.  She’ll take a picture of the child with the book and then places the picture inside the book so everyone can see where it came from. Also picked up a few paperbacks that I have wanted to read.

This weekend’s reading included 6 fiction books – Trial of Fire, Ghost Moon,  Stop Me,  Deep Waters,  Blood Ties, and Gone With the Witch. They were all a mixture of mystery and romance.  Blood Ties is by Kay Hooper and is part of a series that she writes. The series deals with a special unit of the FBI and the various psychics that work within the unit. I really enjoy reading series. It is fun to follow along with the same characters and see how they grow and change.

Want to figure out a way to put all the books in  one list somewhere on this blog – eventually I’ll figure it out.

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  1. Write more – I keep checking back for updates! Can you put the most recent posts first? Enjoying your blogging.

    • Trying to find the time to write more! Not sure how to make the recent post come up first – hopefully I’ll learn as I go. Right now I need to find the last post I wrote -ugh!

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