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One of the books I read this weekend was Your Money Ratio$  by Charles Farrell. It was a good read but it was a bit depressing. I knew that I was spending too much on my house and not saving enough but this really brought that into focus.

I love my house and I really love my yard. We have a small orchard with fruit trees and grape vines, raspberries, space for veggies and herbs, lots of flowers and plenty of space for the kids to play and run around. I’m really not willing to downsize at this time so I need to find some ways to decrease our expenses or increase our income.  We probably will sell when the kids are up and out because the house really is too big for just two people.

Need to get more organized so that I can keep a better handle on our savings.  Also need to be more serious about taking money out of the general accounts and putting it into a dedicated savings account and leaving it there.

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